Domain-Driven API Modeling

RAPID-ML puts data modeling at the center of API design.

  • Describe data types naturally with RAPID-Schema™, an expressive, technology-independent modeling language.

  • Share canonical data models and adapt them to each API with just the right flexibility to bend the model, not break it.

  • Unify APIs at any scale from microservices to cloud ecosystems. Free your client developers from API mismatch, and integrate faster.


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Clean, Intuitive Data Modeling with RAPID-Schema

  • Describe data structures, relationships, simple types, enums and constraints using a natural, concise language.

  • Code generators for JSON and XML Schema translate your definitions to physical message formats.

  • Import shared data models from the filesystem, github or any http repository.

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Data-Bound Resources and Parameters

  • Expose data structures through your API by binding them directly into object resources and collection resources.

  • To reference the bound data from a message payload, just say 'this'!

  • Bind template and method parameters to properties to enable richer validation and code generation.

Adapt Shared Data Models to Each API

  • Use property sets to choose which properties to include, and add constraints to fine-tune them to your API.

  • Specify a property set by explicit inclusion or exclusion.

  • Tighten cardinality and primitive type constraints with built-in validations to protect the underlying data contract.

  • Finally, canonical data models are a practical reality!

Hyperlink or Embed Referenced Data Structures

  • Reference properties connect one data structure to another. With RAPID-ML, you can express each reference as a hyperlink, embedded structure, or both.

  • Use the referenceEmbed keyword to embed the referenced data structure, or just the properties you want.

  • A referenceLink models the reference as a hyperlink to another resource, bound to the target data structure. Optionally "decorate" the hyperlink with embedded target properties to optimize client round-trips.

Editing Tools

RepreZen API Studio is the integrated, full-lifecycle API design environment for RAPID-ML.

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