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The templateParam element defines the data type or property binding of a variable specified in the containing URI.


[required] templateParam <variable-name> ([~bound [~to]] property <property-name>) | ([~of] type <data-type>)


required templateParam id bound to property taxpayerID

templateParam id of type string


Field Name





If present, specifies that the template parameter is required by this resource. A URI without a specified value for this template parameter will be considered invalid.


SName(URI Template Variable)

The name of the template variable, which MUST be defined in the containing URI.


SName(Primitive Property)

The name of a Primitive Property defined in the Data Structure to which the parent resource is bound.   This property binding indicates that the template parameter is used as an identifier, filter, or other data-bound operator, associated directly with the bound property.  It also implies that the parameter value SHOULD match the data type of the bound property.


Name(Built-in Primitive Data Type)

The name of one of the Built-in Primitive Data Types, indicating the expected data type of the parameter.

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